Sunday, September 16, 2012

CIA Mormons, Zionists behind anti-Islam film: Analyst


Dr. Tarpley[/caption]

A prominent political analyst says that several groups including American Mormons in the CIA and Zionists are behind the controversial recent anti-Islam film made in the US, Press TV reports.

“I would identify two or perhaps three components, the first is a Mormon mafia inside the CIA, the group of Mormon high officials of the CIA who want Romney to become president and they think that by having the kinds of events that we are seeing, they can make Obama look bad in front of the American public,” Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley told Press TV during an interview on Saturday.

According to Tarpley, the group follows Brent Scowcroft, who used to be “the right hand man of Henry Kissinger”.

The analyst said that the second component consists of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Likud party and "a group of neocons who have attached themselves to the Romney campaign”.

“I would add probably the Saudis, probably the Saudi religious and monarchy, hierarchy,” he added.

He further pointed to ties between “Sam Bacil or Nakula Basseley Nakula”, the man claiming responsibility for the blasphemous movie and Media for Christ's Joseph Nasrallah, a Coptic Christian from Egypt.

Dr. Tarpley also mentioned a series of figures including anti-Islam movie promoter Steve Klein, "Terry Jones, the infamous Qur'an burner", Pamela Geller, and Daniel Pipes, accusing them of promoting Islamophobia and unrest in the world by supporting such films.

"Pamela Geller, I think may be the key to this entire thing; she is a professional Islamophobe very close to the Israelis and probably somewhere in the background we might have somebody like Daniel Pipes, a professor who basically has made a career out of harassing four Palestinian professors at American universities."

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