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Zionists, US launch all-out war on Islam


Zionists, US launch all-out war on Islam[/caption

The Zionists created that blasphemous film. They did it to enrage Muslims and provide the USA with an excuse to send in drones.

At the same time there is increasing Zionist rhetoric, and increasing intent, against Iran. Whilst the Americans like it to be known that they are against an attack on Iran, the truth is that they want it. American, British and French warships now swarm in the Persian Gulf waiting for the Israeli planes to strike.

Within minutes of the strike an Israeli plane will fire a missile at an American aircraft carrier and the Western media will announce that Iran has attacked. Which will be untrue but it will appear to be true because it will be yet another false flag attack, at which the USA and Israel are experts, giving an excuse for the warships to hurl their missiles.

This is all part of the general Western onslaught against Islam the object of which is to weaken all Islamic states so that none of them can ever stand up against an ever-expanding Israel.

But there are other forces pushing the West to war and they are even stronger than the usual desire to humiliate and destroy Islam. Financial and economic forces, particularly when negative, ultimately decide most things.

These forces greatly increased in strength on 12th September when the German Constitutional Court, selling out the German nation, caved in to political pressure and opened the way to the printing of money for the benefit of a corrupt elite and banking system and not for the benefit of the European population as a whole. People might think that a government figure of 34% unemployment in Andalusia, Spain (and well over 60% for young people) would be sign enough that the European politicians are heedless of misery.

People might think that the forced selling of a Greek island to the Zionists for bombing practice would be the gravest possible insult to decent humanity and as such be inconceivable (although it is not inconceivable because Netanyahu and Barak proposed it).

But, no, people are not waking up to the implications of the endless printing of money (created as a debt to be repaid by the general population). This money is not directed at the creation of jobs for ordinary people and is ultimately directed at bailing out bankrupt banks.

It matters not that the German Court appeared to put a limit to the money printing because, since the European governments are making the situation worse, the limit is certain to be broken. As more and more austerity is piled on to the European populations their inability to repay debt sharply decreases so that more and more money-printing, and more and more debt, will be deemed necessary. At some point a break into hyper-inflation with unthinkable social consequences is inevitable.

And the situation is even worse in the USA. Helicopter Ben Bernanke (he once said he would throw money from a helicopter if necessary) is living up to his name except that no helicopter could ever do what he is doing now. Bernanke is going to print money to the tune of $40 billion per month for ever more (and by some calculations, that could rise to $85 billion) in the belief that pumping the stock market and asset prices will solve America’s unemployment of well over 20-22%.

It won’t. Only interest-free loan money put directly into the real economy and the spreading of the real economy (so that ordinary people have jobs and so income) stands a chance of bringing some balance back into the situation. But the gangster bankers of Wall Street (who essentially control Bernanke and the American government) have no intention of doing that because any interest-free loan money for the real economy strikes directly at the power of the banking elite, complacent politicians, servile academics, the military-industrial complex, their hangers-on and Zionists.

The American economy is collapsing, welfare programs are being slashed, forty six million people are below the poverty line, real incomes have been declining for twenty five years, unemployment benefit is cut as unemployment rises, money printing is soaring and the purchase of what is now a total of over one billion dum-dum bullets is clue enough that the American government will soon be shooting American people.

But when things get that bad, what do governments always do? They Play the Foreign Card i.e., another country is blamed for internal economic troubles which are now certain to include hyper-inflation, riots and misery. In short, if they can, governments go to war.

Which, in addition to the blasphemous film inevitably creating attacks on American interests and the build-up of military forces in the Persian Gulf (for the purpose of being present when a false flag attack is made) explains why, just as in the Great Depression of the1930s, war becomes more and more likely as a way of hiding failure at home and blaming everything on somebody else abroad.

So next time you hear Hilary Clinton giving a lecture on freedom, democracy, morality and how best to run an economy, just remember that it’s all hypocritical cant and, behind the scenes, she’s arranging a major attack.

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