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Muslims Are Being Tested Over Syrıa


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Reactions of Egypt and Tunisia’s Muslim’s nations against dictators during popular Arab Spring process resulted downfall of dictators of these countries. The process itself is continuing in these countries subjected to the Arab Spring. Gaddafi’s downfall by civil strife and foreign intervention means occupation of Libya than Libya’s revolution. Libya became the epicenter of exploitation by imperialist countries following removal of dictator Gaddafi and civil strife remains in the country.

Bahraini peoples are not taking attraction of Turkey’s Muslims while their justified and armless struggle against brutality is suppressed by use of violence causing bloodshed.

Syria is a country that ordinary citizens cannot determine their own destiny and they are governed by Baath dictatorship.

One of the regional Arab countries, tortures their own peoples for many years.

It is a country stand against Zionist Israel state and supports resistance organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah.

Arab Spring also affected Syria. Unfortunately the situation in Syria was worsened since brutal Baath dictatorship couldn’t effectively handle the crisis, couldn’t carry out reforms on time and agitating policies by Qatar and Turkey.

Western countries, that use the Libyan model and aim to topple the Syrian administration, provided weapons to Syrian opposition and encouraged them to uprising against Syrian regime.

Master Bediüzzaman says “It is illicit to use weapon against interior enemy”. Syrian nation took up arms and gave the chance to brutal Esed to commit murder.

Syrian nation should keep their righteous demand.

They should have made Esed obliged to fulfill reforms.

But unfortunately they couldn’t achieve.

Manipulated by foreign powers, some circles took up arms and brought Syria to the brink of civil strife.

Turkish government had zero problem policy toward regional neighbors and had established a good relationship with Syria one year ago. It had lifted visas and organized joint cabinet meeting.

For some reason, they overreacted to the events take place in Syria and started to talk intervention to Syria.

It is hard to explain why Ankara government hosted the Syrian opposition in Turkish territories and why they developed such a policy.

However, Turkey and Iran were able to prevent this problem before its turning to a civil strife in Syria.

It was a duty up to Iran government to put pressure on Esed to bring into action the reforms and again it was up to Turkish government to not support armed Syrian opposition and force Esed to carry out reforms for negotiation process.

But it didn’t happen.

The trouble is that, sectarianism was spread over Syria and discord was sown among Muslims.

Syrian president Esed’s being Nusayri, Iran and Hezbollah backing to Syria for political reasons caused Syrian strife led assessment on sectarian issues.

Whereas, Iran and Hezbollah support to Esed was not for Esed’s Nusayri entity but for the sake of political position of him.

Both Iran and Hezbollah were supporting Syrian nations’ justified demands.

Like some opposition groups were opposing armed struggle in Syria, the two countries also were defending to overcome the Syrian issue, through reforms.

You can find Iran and Hezbollah’s attitude wrong, you can reject it but if you do this objection over sectarian line, you will cause to huge sedition to spark in Islamic world.

Iran and Hezbollah for many years did not attempt to sectarian discrimination when they supported Palestine. Now they don’t strike a sectarian attitude towards Syria.

This sectarian sedition is increasing over Syrian issue in Turkey.

For some reason we can’t handle any topic correctly.

I think Syrian events are a tough exam for Turkish Muslims.

Turkish Muslims incite hostility against Shiite over Syrian issue and fan the flames of sectarian sedition.

I do not understand why we cannot create a normal base to debate without accusing each of other?

The deceased imam said that who talks about Sunni-Shiite controversy he or she serves to America. CIA’s former Middle East regional officer Robert Baer’s words don’t show the imam’s rightness? "We support Sunni-Shiite war. Why do we Americans die! Let leave Muslims to kill each other” (Nilgün Cerrahoğlu, Cumhuriyet, 14 Nisan 2012)

We observed that Syrian nation was under the influence of fake news imposed on them.

Peasants came from Idlib’s villages bordering Turkey, was saying that Iran and Hezbollah soldiers have killed them and raped their girls.

When we said that have you seen these events? They said no, “We only heard of them”.

Iran soldiers fought with Iraq but never faced such an accusation for once. Hezbollah fought with Israel and they also were not accused of these allegations.

How on earth such a lie could be told?

Unfortunately, such allegations are endorsed in our country and are used as a tool for sectarian sedition.

Scores of refugees were the families who reluctant to send their sons to the army. There are few family faced trouble. At least among families we met. Of course, with an exception of political pressure result from Baath Party.

We observed that Syrian National Council, established in Istanbul, wasn’t effective among refugees. A young person from Cisr Eş Şuğur said that one of the council members had visited the refugee camp and offered to give them weapon to fight against Esed. He also said that this proposal hadn’t been accepted by the refugees there.

The same young boy says, “We fight and you go to Istanbul to live in a luxury hotel.”

According this young man, Free Syrian Army was not very attractive in Syria. High-ranking officials of Syrian army found shelter in Turkish camps. There were few ranked soldiers in clashes.

The young man also said they hadn’t liked Muslim Brothers and the organization itself had not any impact and persuasiveness for Syrian nation.

A refugee explained himself as Selefi said that there was no clash in their town but he had come to Turkey because of clashes occurred around.

He said that Shiite administration was Nusayri and it oppressed its own people. Nusayri administration was backed by shite Iran, he added. He talked about rape and torture that he hadn’t seen but heard of these cases.

He complained about the camp conditions hadn’t met their expectations. He explained that they had come to Turkey when they saw the containers broadcasted on El Jazeera Tv but they were disappointed with these camps following their arrival to Turkey because there was no container there.

Another refugee from Aleppo said, Muslim Brothers were strong and they would react to brutality, they would not be like their fathers.

Refugees were not like that they escaped to save their lives.

They were not content with the service in the camps.

They were not happy despite their all requirements including nappies for children were provided by Turkey. Some of them were going back to Syria.

Of course there were also peoples appreciating the service by Turkey.

There is a serious problem in Syria. All of us wish a resolution on behalf of Syrian Muslim and Islamic world.

But what is the point that not to culminate in another problem while dealing with one.

Briefly, I want to warn Muslims against sectarian sedition and don’t want see them in a discussion over sectarianism.
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