Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Offense Of Hezbollah


 Ibrahim KARAMAN[/caption]
67 Arab-Israel War was a great destruction for Islamic World and signing of Camp David betrayal agreement again had caused to have been approved of terrorist Israel regime’s existency.

Arrogont Zionists were powered, Palestine was completely occupied, millions of Palestinians became refugees and Zionists who wish to dominate Islamic territories strech from the Nile to Euphrates, were jubilant.

There was no foundation to say stop to Zionists who were getting arrogant day by day and occupied South Lebanon then slaughtered peoples in Sabra and Shatila Refugee Camps.

Caos and civil strives in Lebanon, France existency and American war ships in Lebanon shores, were enabling Zionist to committing murder as they wish.

Rising opposition in such an atmosphere in Lebanon, initiated a bitter struggle against Zionist enemy and blew up American war ships and French military bases.

Muslim youth with full of jihad and martyrdom love, spilt their blood on every square centimetre of South Lebanon.

They had then discreet leaders.

Hezbollah warriors expelled Zionist enemy form Lebanon winning a great victory on 2000.

Zionist killers with their expansionist ideology, who became the monument of arrogance, resorted to escape from Lebanon without looking their back.

This great victory of Hezbollah deserved to be celebrated; the atmosphere of 28 February in Turkey prevented to be sen of this great victory.

In fact the real actor behind the 28 February post-modern coup was Israel.

Zionist regime, that was devastated by Hezbollah’s blow, was hoping to destroy Hezbollah which was seen as an obstacle to their regional targets.

They thought that they could destroy Hezbollah within a week.

The 33 days war had an effect on Israel, more than the trauma they experienced following May 2000 while they faced defeat for the second time and call UN help!

The Merkava tanks, which Turkey bought them spending million dollars, were destroyed in the hands of Hezbollah warriors.

Israel changed his strategy and tried to put pressure on Hezbollah to disarmament the warriors.

They collaborated with comrades in Lebanon and appealed to international courts.

Clinton even said that they would take the weapons of Hezbollah and would give good news to Israel.

But the infidels’ plan didn’t work and Hezbollah became more powerful.

Hezbollah’s existency is not only a threat to Israel but also a threat to America and other betrayal regimes.

We regretfully watch the weak ones nowadays as they couldn’t respect the brilliant victory of Hezbollah and turned Hezbollah into a target.

What is the aim of assault to Hezbollah which stands as a big barricade in front of the Great Middle East and Widened Middle East Projects?

Hezbollah is an honour and a pride for our ummah!
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