Zionist fingerprints all over US-led Iran sanctions

Zionist fingerprints all over US-led Iran sanctions Zionist fingerprints all over US-led Iran sanctions[/caption]
This past week the US Senate, at the absolute low ebb of American influence in the world, exposed themselves morally as a toothless bully. Israeli agents drafted the new sanctions against Iran for an America the world voted against at the UN, partially due to our protecting Israel's weapons of mass destruction threat. How I wish this were not true.

Netanyahu's revenge began with an attack on Obama's rear, with the US Congress as the cavalry. The 94 to 0 Senate sanctions vote frankly caught me by surprise, which I first read on Press TV. I just had to find out who had organized this 'Congress coup' while the UN vote was going on.

The story source everyone online was using was Foreign Policy magazine, the Cable. Strangely, virtually none of the American TV networks or major newspapers had anything showing up on the Google search. Foreign Policy magazine is run by the Council on Foreign Relations and is VERY close to Israel. I smelled an orchestrated media event on this, and I was right.

We saw a major shift in the Iran news with the heads of the UN and IAEA, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton all stating that they were going to focus on a negotiated settlement to the Iran nuclear issue, but of course never the Israeli nuclear issue, which never seems to be an issue to them.

The Obama administration did not want new sanctions muddying up the waters while trying to begin direct new talks. Getting people to the table is hard enough to begin with. Shooting their dog before you ask never helps.

The Senate vote went down 94 to 0, with a few abstentions. Even the Democratic Senators were all on board. I smelled fear. Only one group can make Congress act like trained circus animals. That is AIPAC and the Israeli Lobby, including those that work for Israeli Intelligence, and there are plenty.

I smelled an orchestrated press roll out here, tightly controlled with the rest of our media being quiet.

This usually means there are key elements to the story that they are hiding, so the Sunday afternoon digging began.

No one writing about the new sanctions had mentioned anything about who drafted the legislation. Again, I smelled a rat. They were hiding that. Israelis always have their proxies draft legislation. It is their way of reminding everybody in Congress who runs the show on their issues, a public display of power.

I finally found Jim Lobe's article on AntiWar.com and he actually did some real journalism. Our thanks to Jim for salvaging a little journalistic honor in this sordid story. Here was his big quote:
"What the sanctions say to Iran is that we’re going to bring down your economy …and we’re going to do it fast," Mark Dubowitz, director of the LikudistFoundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) who has drafted much of the sanctions legislation, told ‘Congressional Quarterly’ this week.

I knew I was only a few keystrokes away from the Israeli connection. The FDD is one of numerous front groups set up to push Israeli policies in America. They pick out high sounding names like the one above and recruit big name ex-administration people, in this case ex-CIA director James Woolsey to make themselves above reproach as a cover. It's a good one, and it works very well.

They [FDD] often recruit these people while they are in government where they can be assets for them, and pay them later with these think tank jobs. It is very common unfortunately. Even Congressman do it.
If you look through the FDD people at their website, you find some of the old Iran-Contra gang, hardliners like Richard Perle, Michael Leeden, Bud McFarlane, etc. These are the people who brought us the pre-emptive strike defense doctrine. They mix the old guys up with the younger ones, and those who are active espionage people have a smokescreen around them.

The pathway I have just described is just one of the fingers of Israel's offensive political espionage against America. But it is the least known as our media and academia are afraid to whisper a word about it. They have strings on them, also.

Our counter intelligence people are humiliated by being reduced to only trying to monitor what they are doing. But they are not allowed to take espionage cases to a grand jury because these organizations have what we call 'protected entities' on their boards. They simply can't be prosecuted. This is an American national scandal, just one slice of it.

Ex-CIA James Woolsey is despised by the Intel old timers. His most recent disgrace was becoming a front man for the Free Jonathan Pollard movement. Pollard was an Israeli spy, working for Israel who was tasked mainly with getting material for Israel to sell to the Soviets.

With another spy in the White House steering him he passed on the CIA's entire East European network, where eventually over 1,000 agents and assets were killed. This disaster has always been hidden from the American people, and only ever published in Veterans Today.

The Israelis also had Pollard get what we call 'first strike' material, which would have put the Soviets in a position to more safely launch an initial nuclear strike on America. That was our friend Israel. Woolsey must know all this, and shamed the agency by wanting Pollard freed. He should have been executed.

The justification pitch with the Senate move was that the new sanctions would put Obama in a better position to negotiate with the Iranians. But they did not seem to care that Obama and Hillary disagreed entirely.

The Israeli agents who had carried this legislation to sweeping passage do not want a settlement. They want to aggravate the conservatives in Iran to the extent that a negotiated settlement cannot be reached so they can be in a better position to push for the war option. They can then say that they gave Iran their last chance, and left them no choice.

But there is a sub-plot in play here. The sanctions are not working as presented to us and that is not being covered in American media. They are actually hurting American and European long-term interests. Press TV has been publishing for many weeks how they have an intense domestic effort ongoing to internally produce most of the critical things that they need, starting with defensive weaponry.

They have also been diversifying their energy development for export, with major expansions on their electricity exports, even to American allies like Iraq and Afghanistan. They will also be completing major pipeline expansions to Pakistan.

Another gas pipeline project is in the works to go through Iraq, into Syria, and Lebanon to an export port, and one branch through Turkey up to Austria so the Europeans will not be so dependent on the Russian supplies.

These accomplishments are not being curtailed or stopped by sanctions, but are directly the RESULT of the sanctions. As Iran is forced to maximize its internal production, their markets will be lost to those products formally imported from Western countries.

Other countries and trading blocs will follow suit in protecting themselves from sanction abuse by the bully brigade. To use an old phrase, 'those jobs will be gone forever', and Americans can thank their war monger elements and the Israeli 5th column for that. Europe will also lose export jobs permanently.

The other revelation in the new sanctions penalized individuals selling or supplying commodities such as graphite, aluminum and steel to Iran that is needed for ship building and nuclear operations. But of course these items are used in thousands of items. Would they sanction the air next?

These items are key to one of the real purposes of these new sanctions, other than to make a negotiated settlement harder. They were passed to disrupt the energy export diversification exports to nearby countries who will become long-term customers and close those markets off to US and Israeli business interests, forever.
So we are back to World War I days where the elites are playing all the rest of us like pawns. They use these hyped up and fake external threats to have us all fall in line to save our skins, when our own people are skinning us alive.

And yes, Israeli companies are very involved with some of the Caucuses pipeline deals and hoping to lay claim to Mediterranean petro fields which they plan to steal and use their WMD to do so if necessary.

It's not the phony nuclear threat that really concerns them. They just want to keep Iranian energy off the market to keep prices high while they are developing other sources that they profit from. They are robbing us while robbing the Iranians.

Americans are going to have to wake up to all of this and quickly. Israeli espionage penetration of our Congress is in its late stage. As long as our Congress is occupied by the Israeli Lobby shills, traditional Americans will be second class citizens in their own country. Jamal Abdi knows”

"With every new sanctions bill that Congress passes, the president’s flexibility is reduced, and doubts solidify about whether sanctions can ever be leveraged for a diplomatic deal," noted Jamal Abdi, policy director of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC).

"This is what we saw happen with Iraq in the 1990s. Unbending sanctions do not buttress negotiations; they make diplomacy impossible and war inevitable."

Jim Dean comes from an old military family dating back to the American Revolution. His father was a WWII P-40 and later P-51 Mustang fighter pilot. Jim's mother was a WWII widow at 16, her first husband killed with all 580 aboard when the SS Paul Hamilton, an ammunition ship with 7000 tons of explosives aboard, was torpedoed off the coast of Algiers. He has appeared on PBS most recently on the Looking for Lincoln documentary with Prof. Henry Lewis Gates and lectured at the Army Command and General Staff School at Fort Gordon. His current writing focus is on national security, intelligence, black and psyops, military/Intel history including personal video archives, and the current wars. Jim Dean is the managing editor of Veterans Today. More articles by Jim Dean

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