Abdul Nabi Khan Tomb, Gujranwala

About a half kilometer northeast of the village of Kotli Maqbara, the Abdul Nabi Khan Tomb rises elegantly from the fields. It was likely constructed in the era of Shah Jehan, but no definitive historical evidence links it to any particular person.

The Pakistani travel writer Salman Rashid notes that "Built as it is in the middle of a great nowhere and in the absence of any accessible historical reference to it, it has quite naturally acquired a metaphysical complexion and the locals attribute it to the jinns". The attribution to Diwan Abdul Nabi Khan, the governor of Wazirabad under Shah Jehan and Aurangzeb, is plausible. Stylistically, the minarets are quite similar to those of the Dai Anga Mosque in Lahore or the Tomb of Jahangir.

The remoteness of the site from any other settlement may have been deliberate; the site may mark the location where its patron died from illness or accident while traveling between Wazirstan and Amritsar.

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