Friday, August 4, 2017

Bagrot Valley


Bagrote Valley is a valley in the Karakoram Mountain range in Gilgit–Baltistan. River Bagrote flows through the valley from north towards southwest of the valley, supplies water to Jalalabad and Oshikhandass and merges with the Gilgit River.

Shina language is spoken and understood in all villages of Bagrote. The vernacular of Bagrote valley is typical and distinguishable as a dialect, with their lifestyle, cuisines, and culture Bagoros or Bagoreh are an ethnic group.

Tourists visit this valley mostly in summer. The valley is about half an hour's drive from Gilgit city. This valley is known for its fruits and vegetables, also for the glaciers and high peaks. Vegetables, fruits, and other seasonal crops and Ice from the Glaciers during summers are transported from the valley to the capital Gilgit, so far no ice factory in Gilgit is working in region.

Ice is brought from the Glacier of Karakoram range. The villages of Hamaran, Sinaker, Datuchi, Bolchi, Chirah, Farfu and Hopay lie here and are interconnected by an unmettalled road. Villages on either side of the valley are linked via cable cars (allowing for easy transport of goods and livestock) and the river passes underneath which comes from glaciers of Karakoram Range.

The means of economy is agriculture. However with the recent construction of the Karakorum Highway, the area has been exposed to western civilization, with small cinemas, retail outlets for mountain equipment and apparel, and small hotels opening to facilitate visitors.

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