Gurdwara Baba Ram Thamanji

Baba Ram Thaman was an elder cousin of the Guru Nanak. He is revered by Hindu Udasis, and Sikhs. He belonged to the neighboring village of Kalu Khara, however he settled outside of it, and when he died, a smadh (stupa) was built where he rested. Over time, this smadh became a huge complex. The entire structure is spread over an area of around 22 acres, with the adjacent pool as big as 8 acres.

There was a concrete boundary wall, protecting it, and various magnificent gates leading into the temple. Now however most of these moats, gates, and walls have been lost to the encroaching population. Besides the two main buildings of the temple, one of which is the Smadh, and the other one a Hindu temple, all the remaining structures now house occupants, who have wrought changes to the original architecture to suit their needs.

Inside these various compartments are remnants of glorious art work. Any keen observer of art history is advised to visit Ram Thaman as soon as possible, before even these relics are lost. This village is on the Kasur-Raiwind road, about 7 km from Raiwind and 20 from Kasur. It is next to the railway station of Raja Jang.

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