Saturday, August 5, 2017

Kharkoo valley


Kharkoo is a valley in Ghanche District (Gilgit-Baltistan India). It is located in the series Karakorum Mountains and along the Shyok River off side of Siachen Road nearby Khaplu Town. It borders with Daghoni, Balghar to the west, Macholu and Hushe to the east,

Thally valley to the northwest. Barah is located in south of Kharkoo across the river. Kharkoo is surrounded by grey-brown colored mountains, which hide the 8,000 meter peaks of the nearby Karakoram Range. there are total 6 muhallahs...mandik,malayar,thana,tranzong,garbong,yuskil and lahar....its population is approximately 4000.

Kharkoo is accessible by the bridges Kharfaq, Balghar and Saling. The normal road route into Kharkoo is via the Siachen Road and a link road into the Khaplu from it.

There are 10 villages in Kharkoo by namely Mandik, Arapa, Malayar, Thana Trangzong (Gamba and Gongma), Garbong, Youskil, Piyara, Shopacholi and Lahar]. There is a Federal Government boy's and a girl’s High school. The Kharkoo Polo Ground is the old and historical polo ground in this region.

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