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Ramkot Fort


Ramkot Fort is an ancient fort situated in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan currently beside the Mangla Dam. It is accessible through boat, 13 kilometers away from Dina and 79 kilometers by road from Mirpur, Azad Kashmir to Dadyal town. The fort is accessible from Sikah village from Dadyal side and Mangla through boats which take approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

Three sides of the hilltop are surrounded by the Jhelum River, which falls into the huge reservoir of Mangla Dam. It was built by a Gakkhar named Toglu as recorded by traveler and geologist Frederick Drew in his book.

Ramkot Fort stands on the summit of a hill in Mirpur, Pakistan. It is surrounded on three sides by the Jhelum river. It was likely built no earlier than the late 16th century following the Mughal emperor Akbar's visit to Kashmir in 1589. At present it stands just inside the boundaries of Jammu and Kashmir in an area controlled by Pakistan. Excavations at the fort have uncovered the remains of a Hindu temple and relics from the 5th through the 9th centuries. However, the chronology of the fort's construction and even its age remain open questions.

Although maintenance of the fort is nominally in the hands of the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department very little has been done to preserve this historic site. The dearth of funds prompted a Rawalpindi dentist to voluntarily spend several hundred thousand rupees in an effort to rehabilitate the structure. However, according to an article published in the Express Tribune on in January 2012, "his efforts were in vain due to a lack of cooperation and interest from local authorities".

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