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Sher Singh Baradari


The historical Sher Singh's Baradari is located in the east of China scheme at Kot Khawaja Saeed, Lahore, Pakistan. Maharaja Sher Singh was born in 1805 in Gujranwala into a Sikh family of Sukerchakia misldars. At the time, much of the Punjab was ruled by the Sikhs under a confederate Sarbat Khalsa system and Afghans, who had divided the territory among factions known as misls. Sher Singh's father Ranjit Singh was the first Maharaja of the Punjab. He succeeded his father at the young age of 12.

After several campaigns, his rivals accepted him as their leader, and he united the Sikh factions into one large country. Sher Singh was known as a person who did good works for the betterment of his people. He ruled for two and a half years only but is remembered for improving the existing system of governance. Sher Singh and his young son were brutally murdered by the Sardaran-e-Sindha Walia. After his death Rani Randhawi Singh and her family constructed their Samadhis near this baradari.

The arches are also in very bad shape and may collapse any time. The Auqaf department which is responsible for its maintenance, has constructed two pillars to save the baradari from collapsing.
The roof of the building has been demolished and its debris lies as such. The boundary wall is already gone. It is becoming a garbage dumping ground as the locals of the area throw garbage inside the baradari.
There is also a shrine of famous Sufi Saint Allama Mirza Syed Shah Bilawal Qadri in the premises of the baradari which used to host a Muslim festival in Lahore. The baradari is also know as Baradari of Shah Bilawal. Writers like Kannahiya Lal Hindi and Justice Abdul Latif have mentioned this festival in detail in their researches. This festival used to take place in the month of December.

The Samadhi of Sher Singh, located on the premises lies in complete ruins as the domed structure appears to have been cut in half. The baradari itself is fast turning into a garbage dump as the Solid Waste Management department has constructed a waste enclosure here after demolishing one corner of the Baradari.

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