Thursday, October 1, 2020

Top 10 Most Haunted and Horror Places in Pakistan



Shamshan Ghat, Hyderabad, This graveyard in Hyderabad ought to send shivers down your spine if you pass by it late at night. Guards near the area say that children are seen playing in the graveyard late and disappear before sunrise. Well, that’s really scary.

Lake Saif-ul-Malook? Yes, this lake is known for its immense beauty but has a very bizarre past. It is said that fairies mourn at the Lake and their cries can be heard.

Shireen cinema in Karachi, the cinema has been abandoned for quite some time now due to unwanted guests. People say that voices are heard in the cinema and shadows are seen on the cinema screen when there should not be any.

Mohatta House Karachi, this place happens to be a museum now but make sure to go there only when its crowded because some real scary things have been noticed there by the guards.

Sheikhupura fort Lahore, this fort is in a miserable state because it’s said to be haunted.

The capital of Pakistan, Islamabad is a beautiful city but has some places which are said to be haunted. Buddhist graveyard F6, some tourists have heard the crying and walking noises of Jinns.

Trail-3 Margalla Hills, which is a beautiful hike is said to be haunted people have heard whispers during night time.

Kachnar park I-8 which is full of greenery mostly seen as a photographic location is known to be bogus and people have concerns with it.

Shah Allah Ditta Caves, the tourists have shared how they believe it is haunted as they heard voices of people talking to each other during the night time. Even Lok Virsa is also known to be haunted, which isn’t quite believable but oh well.

Would you like to visit any of these places and unfold some truth?

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